Pat’s Biography

Pat Wertz Sanders authorAfter she had been diagnosed with cancer, Pat Wertz Sanders was told she was like a cork, getting shoved under water with each incident of trauma, but popping back up to the surface stronger than ever.

This is the story of what one woman learned with each bob of the cork, and what patients, families and caregivers can learn from her real-life experience.

Pat not only made the best of what happened to her, but made her life better than it could have been otherwise, with new friends and fellow cancer patients from around the world, and good times to anticipate.

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, where she became a champion archer, Pat spent her school days in Alabama. Now she lives in a house that looks out at the green treetops there, not far from her only son. She loves her life, loves her friends and loved writing I Left My Voice on the Dining Room Table.


Pat (foreground) was featured in the Saturday Evening Post during her years as an archery champion. It’s easy to see why cancer never stood a chance. [Saturday Evening Post, August 15, 1959].