An Educational Trip

I just returned from the International Association of Laryngectomees Annual Meeting and Voice Institute, which consists of classes to teach Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) students about laryngectomees. Laryngectomees are encouraged to attend as students both to learn for ourselves but also to provide examples of laryngectomees in all stages of development to the SLPs. We always have a large table of our members there to talk to other attendees and this year, at our table, we featured my book, “I Left My Voice on the Dining Room Table” as a gift to those who made donations to WebWhispers, Inc. of $25 or more.

As we were setting up, one of the VI instructors came by, made a donation and got an autographed copy. The next morning, she stopped me to say that she had started the book the night before, just to read the preface and introduction, and then could not put it down. She was so excited with it and what it could do to help educate new people that I left her as though I were floating on air!

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