Feeding Tubes During Radiation Therapy

From I Left My Voice on the Dining Room Table…

“Toward the end of the radiation, I remember sitting at my dining room table, putting food in my mouth, and getting up my courage to swallow. I would prepare myself: get set, ready, go, as I flinched from what I knew was coming, food scraping my raw throat as I swallowed to force it down.”

Many patients fuss about feeding tubes being used during radiation and wished they didn’t have them, but with the small field of radiation I had compared to some others, and knowing what I know now, I would listen if the doctor suggested a feeding tube to get nourishment down without swallowing.

I lived through that by living for getting to tomorrow, counting down daily to make it to the end of the week… or the end of the month, whatever goal I could give myself.  It is like walking with blisters on your feet…one more step to go and it will eventually get you there.

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