Learning to Talk on the Telephone

Another helpful tip from Left My Voice on the Dining Room Table:

“Learning to talk on the regular telephone is just as frustrating as you might imagine. First, the physical reality of holding the telephone with one hand and your electrolarynx with the other is difficult enough, but add to that the attempt to write down a number or a message.”

Every year someone comes out with new ideas and gadgets.  Try them. If it helps you to led a life that is less complicated by struggling, what is wrong with messaging.  

It is a way to call the kids to come home, tell dad to pick up fast food because it has been a bad day and to avoid some of the frustration while you are learning.  As your voice gets stronger and clearer, the telephone will not be so bad.  All the new ones have speaker phones built in and that stops one problem of holding the phone. Learn to use the speaker phone.

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